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Timeframe: April 2011 - Present
Position Title: Systems Engineer Staff
Missiles and Fire Control (MFC)
Strike Weapons
Long Range Anti-Ship Missile (LRASM)

Worked developing image processing and computational geometry algorithms for a maritime engagement missile program. Algorithms designed to run real-time on the missile on-board processor. Served as the computational geometry and perspective projection SME. Designed and optimized all algorithms for running real-time on mission control unit

Obstacle Detection Algorithm: Developed real-time algorithm for detecting potential obstructions during flight without any a priori knowledge of size, shape, or spectral response. Algorithm detects and finds extents of objects using statistical analysis, grayscale morphology, projective geometry, and clustering logic.

Wireframe Rendering Algorithm: Developed real-time rendering algorithm for projection and hidden line removal of wireframe models. Algorithm pre-calculates much of the model at design time and uses a highly optimized fragmentation and raytrace technique for real-time portion of algorithm. Speed increase over existing projection algorithm was ~3-4 orders of magnitude.

Tool Development: Designed and built wireframe viewing/modification tools, data reduction tools for mission analysis, data truthing tools, and 6DOF models.

Algorithm Optimization: Redesigned core functions used throughout image processing algorithms to increase speed. Improvements ranged from 3x to 100x for: binary/grayscale morphological operators, symmetric convolution, convex hulling, Sobel operator, boxsum, etc.

Timeframe: June 2008 - April 2011 (Continuing Support)
Position Title: Systems Engineer Staff
Missiles and Fire Control (MFC)
Strike Weapons
Joint Air to Surface Standoff Missile (JASSM)
Precision Tageting Module (PTM)

Worked as an algorithm and software developer for missile mission planning software.  Served as satellite imagery SME for the group and was technical liaison with government customer, NGA, and other LM divisions.  Designed and implemented several large-scale tools for the program, including:

Boolean Tool Suite: Created a geometric Boolean tool suite to union, intersect, difference, and subtract surfaces and volumetric objects. 

N-Side Pitched Roof Building Extractor: Tool deciphered shape of complex pitched roof buildings by analyzing the footprint of the building and roof structure.  Built a solid object representing the full building from primitive pieces using geometric Boolean operations.

Mensuration Recalculation: Designed algorithm to resample satellite imagery and calculate new rational polynomial coefficients for mensuration to support mission planning requirements. 

Linear Approximation of Pushbroom Display: Designed algorithm to calculate a 4x4 camera quad to approximate the non-linear appearance of pushbroom satellite imagery for OpenGL display.  Transform included spatial transforms for coordinate system orientation and shear, horz and vert translation, and rotations.)


Timeframe: March 2006 - June 2008
Position Title: Systems Engineer Sr


Missiles and Fire Control (MFC)
Strike Weapons
Commercial Satellite Imagery IRAD

Served as lead systems engineer and principal investigator for IRAD evaluating commercial satellite imagery for weapon targeting.  Work included algorithm development, software design in C#, and supplying analysis documentation to the government.  Task areas included:

Imagery Evaluation: Evaluated image quality, geolocation accuracy, performance with proprietary targeting algorithms.

Rectification: Developed algorithms and software for georectifying and epipolar rectifying satellite imagery.  Mensuration equations, pixel sampling, and dynamic range were updated when required.

Mensuration: Used RPC equations to track geodetic location in imagery and determine imaging geometry (Azimuth, Elevation, GSD, etc.)  Used mensuration algorithms to render and correlate geodetic wireframe models with image content.

Disparity: Designed algorithms and software for real-time elevation extraction from stereo imagery using disparity models.


Timeframe: December 2003 - March 2006
Position Title: Systems Engineer
Integrated Systems and Solutions (IS&S)
Remote Sensing Systems Integration (RSSI)
Spectral Exploitation Project (SEP)

Worked as a systems engineer on a government funded contract, developing and evaluating image processing algorithms. Development activities encompassed:

Worked with senior engineer on the mathematical formulation of algorithms for image-to-image registration, photogrammetry, and image understanding.

Prototyping and Revision

Algorithms prototyped and revised in Matlab and C#.

Final Development

Algorithms coded in C# and inserted into simulator.


Gave regular technical demos to management and customers.







Timeframe: August 2003 - December 2003
Position Title: 3D CAD Designer (Contracted)
Responsibilities: Worked as an independent contractor, performing 3d modeling for a local fiber optic plant. Work included digitally recreating existing plant layout in Mechanical Desktop. 3d plant model was used to recreate the process for future sites.
Work Examples:

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Timeframe: January 2000 - May 2003
Position Title: Research Assistant
Responsibilities: Worked as a graduate student on cooperative design projects centered on autonomous vehicles. Work included: programming Windows, Linux, and microcontroller systems, designing and prototyping mechanical objects. Research project entailed the conception and creation of a visual, monocular-based vehicle position system.







Timeframe: May 1998 - May 1999
Position Title: Mechanical Engineer Co-op
Responsibilities: Worked full-time as a mechanical engineering co-op in the field of guidance and navigation. Performed diverse tasks including hardware design, development of metrics automation software, and writing engineering orders. Involved with daily and weekly meetings with other engineers and clients. Simultaneously worked with multiple departments including, mechanical, electrical, procurement, quality assurance, and various testing labs.







Timeframe: May 1997 - June 1999
Position Title: Head Drafting Technician
Responsibilities: Worked as the head drafting technician for the Tampa office specializing in AutoCAD. Completed time sensitive projects for multiple industrial hygienists and engineers, concurrently. Projects included drafting floor plans, site plans, etc. for displaying asbestos sample locations, indoor air quality evaluations, HVAC designs, and so on.