GUI Built in LessTif (The freeware version of Motif)

Highly Configurable Interface

  • Processing Functions can be Added, Subtracted, Moved, and Paused Real-Time While Processing Video

Multiple Stream Capability

  • Can Process Up to 10 Video Streams Simultaneously

Strong Error-Checking

  • Pre-Run Error Checking Helps to Prevent User Errors
Screen Capture of Software Running (with Two Video Windows)




This is a taping of the software running on my laptop. My Apologies for the Image Quality. Screen Capture Software Slowed the System Down too Much to Run the Video Processing Program Efficiently. Instead, an External Camera Was Used to Capture the Program Running at Full Speed

Video Information

  • Software is Processing the 3 Video Streams (400x300) of Test #3. The Program is Running Real-Time at Around 4 to 6 Frames / Second


Click on Image to Play Video







For more detailed information about my research, feel free to check out my thesis or defense presentation. Links to both are below:


Click Image to Download Thesis
Click Image to Download Defense Presentation