The orignal version of my briefcase laptop was simply a desktop PC dismembered and crammed into a briefcase. All essential components are included (minus a monitor).

    Original Briefcase Laptop




The final version of my briefcase laptop was a complete, free-standing, mobile computing system that could be set up anywhere that an electrical outlet was handy.

The major differences in this version is the addition of the monitor and CD ROM.

    Briefcase Laptop (Final Version)
Inside the case is a AMD Athlon 700 with 512MB of ram, a 32MB video card and a soundblaster 5.1 soundcard.  
    Briefcase Laptop Contents

The laptop also contained two high volume 5.25 hard drives. For vibration and shock absorbtion, gel strips were inserted between hard drives.

The gel strips were canabalized from an old wrist support.

    5.25" HDD with Gel Shock Strips
Power is supplied from a conventional PC power supply. The outer shell has been removed to minimize the space taken by the power supply.  
    300 Watt ATX Power Supply