This is my 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse. I am waiting to start external modifications until the warranty expires.
My Eclipse

On the inside...

My Eclipse brandishes an in-dash MA Audio retractable 7" screen. The screen is used primarily as an interface for the trunk mounted PC.

Underneath the screen, an external touchpad is installed to interface with the car's PC. (The touchpad is the white and gray object on the bottom left side of the screen.

In-Dash Monitor and Touchpad
A digital crossover is connected inline with the PC and stereo head unit. The bass control has been strapped onto the handbrake for easy access.  
Bass Intensity Control
This is the rear speaker enclosure contains the two 8" subwoofers, power inverter, and onboard PC.  
Rear Speaker / PC Enclosure
The central, recessed portion of the rear enclosure is where the PC is located.  
Desktop PC Inside of Rear Enclosure







Recently, I began a new project in the car. I'm in the process of building a central backseat for my car that will replace the original.

The aluminum frame of the seat is shown to the right. The large, middle portion is the seat. The pods to the left and right contain the amps.

The New Backseat's Frame
Installing the backseat required that the entire interior be removed.  
The Gutted Interior of the Eclipse
This is the stage that the backseat is currently at. I am planning to cover the frame with fiberglass and paint when I have the free time (or when I can do without driving my car for a week)  
New Backseat Installed