This page is dedicated to some of the algorithms that I have developed over the last several years. Most of these were developed for companies that I have worked for, so I can only include top-level details for most of these. Algorithms that I have developed on my own have additional details.



Geometric Boolean Operation Algorithms

This is an algorithm suite that performs the standard Boolean operations on planar and volumetric objects. The tools include:




Complex Pitched Roof Algorithm

This algorith generates a spatial model of a pitched roof building automatically from



Imagery Registration & Rectification Algorithms

These algorithms remap imagery from one projection to another. The most common usage was remapping satellite imagery to a different coordinate frame. The rectification algorithms include:

spacerbulletGeneral Rectification
spacerbulletEpipolar Rectification

spacerbulletImage-to-Image Registration
spacerbulletImage-to-Control Point



Rational Polynomial Mensuration Recalculation Algorithm

This algorithm recalculates the rational polynomial coefficients used in the NITF RPC00x field. These values are required to mensurate geodetic coordinates to/from image coordinates.



Stereo Image Elevation Derivation Algorithm

This algorithm takes an epipolar image pair and calculates ground elevation from the image automatically.



Real-Time Wireframe Projection Algorithm

This algorithm is a highly optimized wireframe projection algorithm that displays a 3D wireframe model in 2D and performs hidden line removal. This algorithm was designed to run real-time at a high frame rate in tactical mission hardware.



Short Range Detection/Classification Algorithm

Coming Soon...