Here you can find an online copy of my resume. You can also download a digital copy in multiple formats.


This is a listing of my most recent jobs and details of my duties at each one.


Information about my college education can be found here.








This section contains general mathematic principles and general/textbook algorithm details.


This section covers specific algorithms that I have designed.




This section contains information about software applications and libraries that I have created.








This section contains a basic overview of my masters research at the University of Florida. The topic is:

Planar Vehicle Tracking Using a Monocular Based Multiple Camera Visual Position System

This is an autonomous / tele-op vehicle that I built from the ground up for the 'Intelligent Machines Design Laboratory' class at the University of Florida.

When you can't afford a real laptop, this is what happens. This section contains some information about my desktop-pc-in-a-briefcase.


This section shows some of the vehicle modification I've done on my 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse.

The AutoSpot is a mechanical assist for people who don't have someone to spot them when bench pressing.